Linoleum and vinyl has been traditionally chosen as a flooring surface for kitchens, hallways and areas that needed to be tolerant to spills, stains etc. Easy to maintain (a simple mop of sweep will remove any spill or stain), the laminate flooring will not damage to even moderate or heavy spill therefore being ideal surface for kitchens, bathrooms, hallways and other areas prone to spills, moisture or stains.

While old linoleum flooring was considered dull and plain, new lino floors offer wide selection that can mimic the look of more exotic surfaces such as tile, marble, hardwood etc. while retaining the qualities of the lino surface that made the lino the first choice for kitchens, bathrooms etc. where more tolerance for stains, spills and moisture is needed than other areas of the home.

Last but not the least, linoleum flooring is by far more affordable than any other flooring making it a prime choice for for budget home installations. Impress Home Renovations can help you select and install the laminate flooring that matches your budget, style and personality of your home or apartment. Please call us today for your complimentary consultation.