Tile, marble and slate have been used for both flooring, walls as well as counter-top finish. The ultimate choice for hardiness, stain tolerance and even heaviest foot traffic, tile surfaces will withstand almost anything with no damage, discoloration or staining. With the exception of physical breakage or chipping caused by hard impact with other hard objects (heavy objects being dropped directly to the tile surface) the tile flooring is indestructible and will stand the test of time by offering the original glamor and appearance just the same as the day it was installed.

When it comes to selection of surfaces, colors and style, the home owner has a limitless flexibility to choose and achieve the exact style that they wish. From the polished look of marble to rough textured look of stone and granite or anything in between, tile flooring can produce any look. And where one wishes to achieve the ultimate look, different tile materials and surfaces can be combined to accent and produce an appearance of richness and style.

Impress home renovations and our installers have traveled the world and bring the experience of European tile installation and craftsmanship to your home at affordable prices. We can help you choose the design, color and appropriate tile material that matches your preferences and the style of your dwelling. Our tile installers can achieve the simple and modern look or the intricate mosaic design inspired by some of world’s most renown landmarks. And for the ultimate look and feel, we can often mix the traditional and modern design achieving the look that is sure to impress even those hard to impress. To find more about our tile installation services, please contact us today for your complimentary consultation.