Laminate flooring is a good choice for any residential area with lots of foot traffic. Attractive looking, durable and easy to maintain, laminate flooring will transform any space.

The laminate flooring can simulate any look and color that the homeowner may want to select. From natural wood, bamboo to exotic look of tile and stone, choice of the finish that one has when selecting the laminate flooring is endless. And when it comes to installation, the laminate flooring is relatively easy to install and will go over any surface with the exception of carpet therefore making it a very popular choice for any flooring renovation project.

In addition to wide selection of textures and color, laminate flooring is typically easier to maintain than hardwood flooring. By virtue of engineering, the top layer of laminate flooring was designed to be more hardy and less prone to scratching, cracking and general wear. Most of laminate flooring will not need any maintenance with the exception to occasional of sweep or vacuum. And where inevitable may happen sooner or later, spills and stains on laminate flooring can be easily cleaned or wiped and will not in general damage or discolor the flooring surface unlike hardwood flooring surfaces.

Impress Home Renovations can install any laminate flooring to achieve the look and feel you want. Choose from variety of textures and colors or if you cannot decide, let our design consultants lend you a hand in selecting the style and color to match your home’s personality. Please contact us for your complimentary consultation, we are glad to answer any question you may have.