Kitchen cabinets are a focal point of any kitchen and a first thing that one will notice when walking in to a kitchen space. When renovating a kitchen, a home owner has two options when it comes to kitchen cabinets. Reface or replace.

Refacing kitchen cabinets typically means using the core skeleton of the old cabinet and refinishing it by adding new doors and hardware (hinges, handles etc.). Refacing existing cabinets is much cheaper option than completely replacing cabinets.

Alternatively if you are happy with the exterior look of your cabinets, you may choose to simply refinish your existing cabinets. Unlike refacing, refinishing of cabinets involves using the existing doors and stripping/re-staining of all surfaces combined with replacing the hardware if and where needed. This by far is the most economical option for the kitchen cabinet face lift.

However, if your cabinets are old and to worn our to be simply refaced or refinished or if you want something totally different, or are building the brand new kitchen, you may opt for a brand new kitchen cabinet installation.

Regardless of circumstances or the project scope, Impress Home Renovations can refinish, reface or install brand new cabinets to any kitchen. We can help you select the kitchen material, advise you on different styles and color options available and install your kitchen cabinets to impress you. Please contact us today to find out more and to discuss your kitchen cabinet remodelling project.